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3D Laser Scanning

We perform on site 3D scanning of  complicated pipes and structures inside the ship with a high-performance laser scanner. Accurate reverse engineering is possible by restoring the data as a 3D model and using it in the design.

BWMS Retrofitting design

We design BWMS equipment to filter and sterilize ballast water, which is one of the causes of imbalance in the marine ecosystem. By creating 3D drawings with easily understandable  installation instructions which makes construction simplified and installation mistakes are reduced

SOx Scrubber Retrofitting design

We design the Sox Scrubber equipment to remove sulfur in the exhaust gas from the engine. Similar to the BWMS installation design, it is also designed using a 3D model.

EEXI Retrofit Engineering

Amid grow global momentum for a carbon-neutral society, the EEXI/CII regulations will go into effect in January 2023.We provide quality designs based on our experience in designing ship conversions and retrofits with a particular focus on environmental considerations.

Ballast water sampling analysis

We provide services to perform the ballast water sampling for ships and vessels onboard . Ballast water is analyzed by a standard approved inspection method. We have a business alliance with a specialized analysis company in China. It is also possible to issue a certificate for the same.

Design Consultancy Services

Based on the ship knowledge cultivated by the experienced local shipyard Alumni in the new shipbuilding industry, we will support the optimum remodeling work plan for customer’s consultation and request.