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Ballast water sampling analysis

We established the  ballast water sampling business in December 2021.
Utilizing the track record of 3D laser scanning for visiting ships in the retrofit business, we smoothly carry out inspection work. In addition, by forming a business alliance with an analysis specialist in China, we have made it possible to sample not only in Japan but throughout China.
Sampling water will be analyzed at our company and domestic laboratories, and IMO D-2 certificate will be issued the next day, and VGP certificate will be issued within 2 weeks.
Since we are experienced in the construction design for BWMS installation, we are have a extensive knowledge through which we could support the owner of any  uncertainties during this process.

Ballast water sampling analysis services are available in the below countries as of 2023/12
・Singapore (VGP only)

Please contact us using the enquiry form for the quote.

Please note that the time taken to issue the certificate may vary depending on the status of the laboratory.