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Presidents note

I started a high-quality ship-related consulting company that I wanted to work along with an alumnus of a local shipyard who is energetic and has high technical capabilities. Currently, young individuals in their 20s and 30s, as well as people from India and China are enrolled. We are able to smoothly collaborate with overseas ship owners and overseas shipyards from basic planning to detailed design. While looking at the world and learning from various people, I would like to combine my ideas and improvise more new ideas in this field.

President and CEO Katsumi Sato

Company Profile

 Company name    BALLAST SEVEN Co.,Ltd.
 FoundMarch 2016
 LocationNo.303, Noguchi Building, 9-2 Tawaramachi, Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture
 President and C.E.OSato Katsumi
 Number of employees

Business description

  • Ship Retrofitting design
  • Design consulting
  • Ballast water sampling analysis

Company history

Mar 2016Company Founded
Started Design Consultancy
Jan 2017Office Relocation
Oct 2018Relocation of office due to increase in personnel as we started designing ship remodeling work in-house
(BWMS, SOx scrubber, etc.)
Jan 2019Recruited an Indian employee
Orders from overseas shipowners Received a large number of orders for retrofitting design
Mar 2020Recruited a Chinese employee
To Strengthen relations with Chinese clients
Feb 2021Achieved annual sales of 220 million yen


2-minute walk from Kita Sasebo Station on Matsuura Railway

Key Customers

Mitsui O.S.K.Lines / NYK Line / “K”LINE / HACHIUMA STEAMSHIP / Daiwa Kisen / Sugahara Kisen / ENEOS Ocean / Nissen Kaiun / Namura Shipbuilding / Fairfield shipping